Yantras and mandalas whose origins lie deep in the traditions of ancient wisdom, are sacred diagrams to represent the structure of the universe and the human being. A microcosmic replica of the macrocosm. The style, use, and specific meaning of the different mandalas or yantras is varied and explained according to the era and the school of thought they belong to.


In general, Yantras are linear and geometric in design using specific shapes which represent the merging of consciousness and energy to awaken dormant centers of the brain. Foe example the Sri Yantra (above) is a visual representation of the sound OM. Mantras act like a hologram, a 2 dimensional image that contains all the information of a manifested reality.

Mandalas are more figurative and often a representation of an individuals inner mind journey.

The creation of a mandala or a yantra is an active form of meditation, an elaborate work that requires patience and dedication throughout the process that results in the completed work, they become a powerful tool, used for the purposes of concentration, devotion, healing, self exploration, manifestations and reaching higher states of consciousness.

The Meditation and focus on Mandalas and Yantras is a relatively unknown practice in the west. It is through the contemplation of the geometry and symbols that leads to a state of mind that invites union with divine source.

Paint your Prayer

A guided exploration of your inner symbolism and creating your personal Yantra or Mandala.